About Us

It’s better for you.
It’s better for the environment.
It’s better for your wallet.

GreenBox Moving was founded on a basic principle….moving sucks. Moving can be stressful and finding boxes, assembling them, and disposing of them when you’re done is a hassle.

Let’s be real….new cardboard boxes are expensive and you hate wasting money. Used cardboard boxes require you to drive all over town in hopes of finding ‘free’ boxes that end up having some sticky, unidentified substance. Gross.

Let us help make it easier. GreenBox Moving rents reusable, eco-friendly moving boxes as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Our boxes are delivered and picked up for free. We can also provide all the packaging material you need, delivered with your GreenBox rental.

GreenBoxes are cleaned and sanitized before every use so you’ll never be left wondering “ewww, what’s that?!”. They nest together easily while you’re packing and stack conveniently when fully loaded.